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Class Data
Description Give succor to defeated and injured party members.
Style Label Type Heal Specialty Label Weapon Staff Label Weapon Spear
Prerequisites 300 CP, Lvl 20 Cleric and Sorcerer
Level Bonuses Healing +4%, total +20%
Master Bonuses Healing +3%
Support Skills
Compassion Increases the effect of healing abilities / Increases the cap for the amount of HP healed
Saving Light Increases the amount of HP recovered by Revive / Decreases the ability cooldown by 2 turns / Increases Attack when using Panacea II
Recommended Extended Mastery Bonuses
Attack, HP, Defense
Recommended Subskills

Skills Edit

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur LVL Notes
Ability HealAll Panacea II Recovers every player's HP by a moderate amount 5T - 1
Ability Dispel Dispel Removes one buff from an enemy 5T - 5 Subskill
Ability Revive Revive Resurrects one party member 12T - 15 Subskill

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur Notes
Ability Veil Veil Nullifies the next debuff cast on the party 6T -
Ability Barrier White Wall Casts a barrier on the party (The barrier has about 700 HP) 8T 3T
Ph400 - - -

Assessment Edit

With the ability to recover HP, revive fallen allies and protect the party from debuffs, Bishop is the ultimate healer. Panacea II does exactly what it says and recovers about 2400 HP. Like Rage and Phalanx, Panacea works on other player parties too. In Multi and Co-Op battles, the Attack buff from Light of Salvation supposedly increases directly proportional to the number of different jobs of the participants. Dispel is an invaluable ability and Bishop is worth getting for it alone. Revive is useful but the cooldown is fairly long. Veil can make a good EX Ability for Bishops if needed, White Wall on the other hand leaves much to be desired. As the game favors damage dealers, support jobs like Bishop may find it difficult to MVP in Multi and Co-Op battles. Overall, Bishop is a classic job that does exactly what it needs to do, but ultimately limited in its options compared to more versatile jobs like Superstar.