Blue Sky Crystal

Blue Sky Crystals are rare materials that can only be gathered in very limited quantities over time. They are mainly obtained by completing all 3 daily coop missions.

Usage Edit

Uncap SR characters to 5★2
Uncap SSR characters to 5★3
Uncap Rotating Showdown summons to 4★5
Forge Class Champion Weapons5
Rebuild Class Champion Weapons5
Change a Class Champion Weapon's element15
Upgrade Bahamut Weapons to Nova form7
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (1st upgrade)3
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (2nd upgrade)5
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (3rd upgrade)7
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (4th upgrade)10
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (5th upgrade)15
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (6th upgrade)30

Obtain Edit

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