Field effects are global changes to the battle. Unlike normal buffs and debuffs that affect single allies or enemies, field effects affect every unit, ally and enemy alike. During raid battles, field effects apply to all parties.

No more than two field effects can be active at once. When two field effects are already active, one must end before other field effects can activate. Existing effects cannot be overwritten by stronger effects or extended by the same effects. Field effects do not carry over to subsequent battles. Icons appear in the upper left corner of the screen when field effects are active in battle. Tap the icons to see more information.

Atomic CollapseEdit

Status 5003Through each of the five levels of Atomic Collapse, damage reduction gradually decreases over time, making it possible to deal more and more damage. This effect applies to standard attacks, skills, charge attacks, and chain burst damage.


Status 5007Debuff resistance and enemy special attack damage are modified over time.

Chaos Ruler can deploy this field effect.

Deadlocked EffectEdit

Status 1490Double attacks cannot be performed. Buffs or debuffs that affect double attack rates have no effect.


Status 5008All allies and enemies take Fire damage after each turn.

The event boss Grueler can deploy this field effect.


Status 5004Attack stats are increased over time.

Zahlhamelina can deploy this field effect.

Spacial RuptureEdit

Status 5006Multiattack rates are increased over time.

Zooey can deploy this field effect.

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