Label Rarity SSR Icon16Fire Grueler
Level 1Level 100Level 150
HP 90 570 ??
ATK 250 1460 ??

A Peace of the Pie (Event)

Base 40% boost to Fire Elemental attack.
Max Limit Break 40% boost to Fire Elemental attack. Boost to Double Attack rate.
Final Limit Break {{{aura3}}}
Call - Crimson Fist
Massive Fire damage to all enemies and all allies' gain small Status DoubleUpDouble Attack UP.
Max Limit Break
Final Limit Break

Final Uncap Materials

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?? [[File:{{{flb2}}}.jpg|25px|link={{{flb2}}}]] [[{{{flb2}}}|{{{flb2}}}]]
?? [[File:{{{flb3}}}.jpg|25px|link={{{flb3}}}]] [[{{{flb3}}}|{{{flb3}}}]]

Rupie cost: -

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