These characters are obtained from fully upgrading a revenant weapon. See Revenant Weapons for more details.

Guild Wars charactersEdit

ImageNameElementTypeRacePreferred WeaponMax HPMax ATKVoice Actor
Anre AAnreLabel Element WaterLabel Type DefenseLabel Race HarvinLabel Weapon Spear19118911Ryuusei Nakao
Tweyen ATweyenLabel Element LightLabel Type BalanceLabel Race HumanLabel Weapon Bow18229522Yuko Minaguchi
Threo AThreoLabel Element EarthLabel Type AttackLabel Race DraphLabel Weapon Axe
Label Weapon Sabre
153311333Minami Takayama
Feower AFeowerLabel Element WaterLabel Type SpecialLabel Race EruneLabel Weapon Dagger13448844Jun Fukuyama
Fif AFifLabel Element LightLabel Type HealLabel Race HarvinLabel Weapon Staff18558055Wasabi Mizuta
Seox ASeoxLabel Element DarkLabel Type AttackLabel Race EruneLabel Weapon Melee16666666Nobuyuki Hiyama
Seofon ASeofonLabel Element WindLabel Type AttackLabel Race HumanLabel Weapon Sabre147710777Junichi Suwabe
Eahta AEahtaLabel Element EarthLabel Type AttackLabel Race DraphLabel Weapon Katana178810788Takashi Tanaka (as Banjo Ginga)
Niyon ANiyonLabel Element WindLabel Type SpecialLabel Race HarvinLabel Weapon Harp129910399Yukana
Tien ATienLabel Element FireLabel Type BalanceLabel Race EruneLabel Weapon Gun16008200Rina Satou

Notes Edit

Each character's name in Japanese is a number in a non-Japanese language.

  1. Anre - Uno: Spanish for "one"
  2. Tweyen - Song: Thai for "two"
  3. Threo - Sarasa: possibly Arabic (thalaatha) for "three"
  4. Feower - Quatre: French for "four"
  5. Fif - Fünf: German for "five"
  6. Seox - Six: both English and French for "six"
  7. Seofon - Siete: Spanish for "seven"
  8. Eahta - Octo: Latin for "eight"
  9. Niyon - Nio: Swedish for "nine"
  10. Tien - Esser: Hebrew for "ten"

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