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Class Data
Description Call the shots with uniquely crafted bullets that will blow your enemies away.
Style Label Type Special
Specialty Gun/Gun
Prerequisites 1000 CP, Mage Creed Mage Creed x5
Trophy: Defying the Flames - host and clear coop quest Amidst Fervid Flames.
Amidst fervid flames
Level Bonuses ATK +200, Double attack rate +1%, total ATK +1000, Double attack rate +5%
Master Bonus Dodge +1%
Support Skills
Bullet arts Bonus effect for single-target attacks based on bullet type loaded into main weapon.
Long range Increased Critical Hit Rate, decreased Defense.
Recommended Extended Mastery Bonuses
No recommendations.
Recommended Subskills
No recommendations.

Skills Edit

Image Ability Name Effect Cooldown Duration Job LVL Notes
Ability Shoot Early Shot Instantly perform a normal attack. Can trigger multiattacks, bonus damage, and charges the charge bar. 4T - Gunslinger - -
Ability Trine Triple Threat Gain 100% Triple Attack Rate for 1 turn. Gain 30% Attack UP (stackable, max 150%) and 17% Defense DOWN (7% per subsequent use, max 45%). 4T 6T Gunslinger 5 -
Ability Reload Lock 'n' Load Discard remaining bullets and reload. 8T - Gunslinger 15 -

Assessment Edit

None yet.

Crafting Bullets Edit

See this Google Spreadsheet for details:

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