Hawkeye gran iconHawkeye djeeta icon
Class Data
Description Commandeer foes' boosts and execute triple attacks.
Style Label Type Balance Specialty Label Weapon Dagger Label Weapon Gun
Prerequisites 300 CP, Lvl 20 Raider and Warrior
Level Bonuses Bounty Hunter success rate +4%, total +20%
Master Bonuses Inhibit overdrive +3% (Mode Gauge fills more slowly and drains faster)
Support Skills
Looking for Treasure Increases the success rate of Bounty Hunter. Increases Attack as Bounty Hunter level increases
Rapid Shot Increases the rate of Lethal Aim and decreases its cooldown
Recommended Extended Mastery Bonuses
Attack, Double Attack, Charge Attack Damage
Recommended Subskills
  • Bounty Hunter II: Additional Bounty Hunter stacks to increase damage and drop rate.
  • Miserable Mist: A staple skill used with many classes to increase survivability and help deal more damage.

Skills Edit

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur LVL Notes
Ability Assassin Crack Shot II If the next hit is on a target in Break
status,gain a sharp boost to Attack
(400% for normal attacks and skills, 300% for Charge Attack). Gain 15% Attack UP
5T 1T 1
Ability Treasure Bounty Hunter III Inflict Bounty Hunter three times on one enemy 3T - 5 Subskill
Ability Triple Lethal Aim Gain Triple Attack Rate UP 12T 4T 15 Subskill

Cooldown decreases to 10 turns with Rapid Shot passive.

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur Notes
Ability Lock Extend Break Inflicts Break Time Extend and Break Damage Extend on one enemy. Effect enhanced with Bounty Hunter level 6T - Apparently scales well, around 120 seconds at TH9.
Ability Snatch Force Snatch Remove one buff from one enemy and gain an equivalent buff 8T - Typically only 3T duration on stolen buff. Magnitude of high powered buffs will typically be scaled down (e.g. 20000 regen becomes 200 regen).
Ph400 - - -

Assessment Edit

Treasure hunters whose keen eyes make them secretly powerful attackers. Crack Shot II is a highly situational ability but Hawkeye can easily dish out a ridiculous amount of damage with it. Bounty Hunter is great for grinding items and Hawkeyes gain permanent Attack buff from it thanks to their support skills. Lethal Aim is excellent for building the Charge Bar, though it can be a little unreliable at times. Extend Break is useful as an Extended Mastery Skill if there are no other characters or summons that can extend the Break time. Force Snatch is a very interesting ability as it works like Dispel but Hawkeyes also gain the buff that is removed from the enemy. Timing is very important for Hawkeyes and they are absolutely deadly when they get it right. Overall, Hawkeye is a very useful job with the potential to out-damage every other job in the right situation.

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