A mode bar represents the state an enemy is in during battle. Mode bars are yellow and appear under enemy HP bars. Damaging an enemy or using special skills increase or decrease an enemy's mode bar depending on the current mode.

There are three distinct modes: Normal, Overdrive, and Break. These modes affect enemy abilities and attack patterns.

Bosses typically have a mode bar, but not always. Normal enemies may also have a mode bar.

Normal Edit

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An enemy with a mode bar always starts in Normal mode. As evident by its name, there is nothing special about this mode.

Damaging an enemy or using skills fill the mode bar until it enters Overdrive mode.

Overdrive Edit

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When an enemy's mode bar reaches 100%, the enemy enters Overdrive mode. While in Overdrive mode:

An enemy in Overdrive mode is not always disadvantageous for the player. There are some skills that are more or only effective while an enemy is in Overdrive such as the Knight skill Ability Drive Overdrive Surge.

Break Edit

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When an enemy's Overdrive bar is depleted, the enemy enters Break mode. While in Break mode:
  • Enemies cannot fill more charge diamonds. Any charge diamonds that are already filled when entering Break mode are kept, however.
  • Enemies cannot use charge attacks, even if all charge diamonds are filled. Enemies will still use triggered attacks if an HP or buff/debuff condition is met.
  • All allies gain a bonus to multiattack rate.

Break mode ends after the enemy takes enough damage or after enough time has passed. Inflicting Status LockBreak Extend on an enemy in Break mode increases the amount of damage and/or time needed for Break to end. The exact amount of damage and time an enemy spends in Break mode varies based on the enemy. As a general rule of thumb, all enemies will stay in Break for a minimum of 10 seconds, even if it receives damage surpassing its break damage value.

There are some skills that are more or only effective while an enemy is in Break mode such as the Thief skill Ability Assassin Crack Shot.

Duration effects Edit

There are characters skills and buffs that directly affect an enemy's mode bar. Notably, the raid salute when being knocked out as a Hawkeye gives all other players in the raid Status Overdrive CurbedOverdrive Curbed, a buff that simultaneously builds a Normal mode bar more slowly while reducing an Overdrive mode bar more quickly. Arriet also grants this buff to your party. Rackam's Duration, the effect's namesake, is a simple one-shot reduction of an Overdrive mode bar.

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