Ogre gran iconOgre djeeta icon
Class Data
Description Pummel foes with monstrous attack boosts that stack.
Style Label Type Attack Specialty Label Weapon Melee Label Weapon Melee
Prerequisites 300 CP, Lvl 20 Kung Fu Artist and Raider
Level Bonuses ATK +400, HP +40 and Double attack rate +10%, total +2000, +200 and +50%
Master Bonuses HP +3%
Support Skills
Tigerstrike Solace Increases Attack
War God's Wrath Boost to Pandemonium's charge bar/ Skill cooldown cut
Recommended Extended Mastery Bonuses
Attack, Double Attack, Charge Attack Damage
Recommended Subskills

Skills Edit

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur LVL Notes
Ability Counter Counter II Dodges normal attacks and deals great counter damage / Increases Attack (3.5x counter damage / 20% increase) 5T 2T 1
Ability FightingSpirit Fighting Spirit Deals damage to an enemy / Charges the Ougi Gauge (20%) 5T - 5 Subskill
Ability Ougi Pandemonium Increases the amount of Ougi gained from all sources (The increase is 2x for Ogres and 1.7x for other jobs) 8T 3T 15 Subskill

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur Notes
Ph400 Refined Spirit Increases Attack (Stackable) 2T 5T
Ph400 Ichiji Gamae Attracts enemies' attacks / Increases the number of counter hits (2 hits) 7T 1T
Ph400 - - -

Assessment Edit

Martial arts masters who let their fists do the talking. Unlike Grappler or Kung Fu, Ogres have no Sacrifice Form abilities and instead increase their firepower through counters. Counter II works great with Ichiji Gamae, especially against bosses who do Double/Triple Attacks. Ogres can easily fill up their Ougi Gauge thanks to their Level Up bonus, Fighting Spirit and Pandemonium, and unleash the fury on their enemies. Refined Spirit takes some time to really show its effect but is otherwise a decent EX Ability for Ogres. The ability to dodge normal attacks and the HP bonuses means that Ogres have quite good survivability in battles. The job is held back by a limited SSR weapon pool and Ogres' inability to equip anything other than knuckles or fans (both fall under the same weapon category), as well as the fact that Counter only works on normal attacks. Overall, Ogre is a powerful and quick attacker marred by their limited options.

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