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Reduce is the ability to break down a SR or SSR weapon or summon into materials. The option to reduce an item can be found from the Inventory status screen for that item. Items that are currently equipped to a party or that have been favorited cannot be reduced; remove the item from all parties and unfavorite it in order to see the Reduce button.

Weapons reduce into weapon stones corresponding to the weapon type, and high orbs and whorls that correspond to the weapon's element. Summons reduce into elemental quartz corresponding to the summon's element as well as various tiers of prisms. Farmable items such as raid drops and event rewards will reduce into fewer items than items obtained via Premium Draws.

It costs 2,000 rupies to reduce a farmed SR, 5,000 rupies to reduce a premium SR, 10,000 rupies to reduce a farmed SSR, and 20,000 rupies to reduce a premium SSR. Player elemental skill mastery will increase the number of items received from Reduce, but weapon skill level does not affect the outcome at all.

Uncapped items have the equivalent yield of reducing multiples of the same item; in other words, reducing 2 0★ SSR weapons gives you the same number of weapon stones, orbs, and whorls as reducing 1 of the same SSR weapon as a 1★ - both scenarios cost the same number of rupies as well. However, the elemental skill mastery bonus is solely per item, so, if you have a high enough skill to receive a bonus, you would receive more items from two 0★ items than the equivalent 1★ item.

Reduce Tables Edit

Reduced ItemReceived Items
Farmed SR Weapon Weapon Stone x1High Orb x1Whorl x1
Farmed SSR Weapon Weapon Stone x20High Orb x10Whorl x10
Premium SR Weapon Weapon Stone x15High Orb x5Whorl x5
Premium SSR Weapon Weapon Stone x200High Orb x30Whorl x30
Farmed SR Summon Elemental Quartz x1Flawless Prism x1Flawed Prism x1
Farmed SSR Summon Elemental Quartz x20Rainbow Prism x1Flawless Prism x10
Premium SR Summon Elemental Quartz x15Flawless Prism x10Flawed Prism x20
Premium SSR Summon Elemental Quartz x200Rainbow Prism x10Flawless Prism x20

In-game Help Edit

Elemental reduction allows weapons and summons of rank S rare and higher (with the exception of Archangel equipment, Rusted weapons, and others) to be exchanged - along with a rupie fee - for specific treasures. Having a higher elemental upgrade skill increases the number of treasures received, as well. To reduce weapons and summons, visit the individual status screen for the item you want to reduce.

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