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Event duration: 19:00 JST, November 9, 2016 - 17:00 JST, November 14, 2016
03:00 PDT, November 9, 2016 - 01:00 PDT, November 14, 2016

Also commonly called Celestials, Rise of the Beasts is a raid event.

For New Players Edit

Rise of the Beasts is a gold mine for new players. If you are fire, water, earth, or wind, there is a great weapon to save for, any of Ray of Zhuque, Xuanwu Mace, Baihu Claw, or Qinglong Spear. They all come uncapped to 3★ already, and you can also buy the seal required for the 4★ uncap as well. The other set of Celestial weapons have interesting effects with a penalty, but are harder to evaluate, so examine them yourself and determine if it's worth buying.

Even if you are not fire/water/earth/wind, there are lots of treats to buy. The Flohrenberk dagger is extremely useful - at level 100, it boosts honor gains applied towards event rewards by 10%. It doesn't apply to this event itself, since here your honor translates into a multiplier for a different currency, but in most other events it just speeds up your honor rewards, and, importantly, it boosts crew honor during Unite and Fight. As for other items, Champion Merit Champion Merits and Supreme Merit Supreme Merits are very cheap, and new players tend to need them because they aren't high enough level to leech Proto Bahamut or Grand Order yet. All of rupies, Half Elixir Half Elixirs, and Soul Berry Soul Berry batches are very cheap and plentiful, in addition to Archangel Queen Archangel items for your shiny new Celestial weapon.

The SRWepTicket SR Weapon Draw Tickets are a decent purchase for midgame players; while there is zero chance of getting a SSR, all the weapons you can get are premium-quality, so they reduce into lots of materials, and you can also get character weapons, albeit rarely. Buying additional seals is your fallback, if you have too many pendants and nothing to buy, but don't forget that pendants do carry over between events, so you can save them for next time. Things not to buy include the 10,000 pendant special weapons, since you will get a copy of each one, 2 of one of them, from collecting 100 of each badge.

You will want to kill each beast's Normal, Hard, and Very Hard versions on solo for the 50 Crystal Crystal completion reward, in addition to hosting each of the Extreme raids. Also, definitely finish the daily mission every day, since Gold Nugget Gold Nuggets do not restock between events and you need 45 total to buy all 3 Gold Brick Gold Bricks from the treasure shop. The event duration varies each iteration, so, based on the number of times the daily mission can be completed, you will need an additional 35-45 kills per element per event in order to get the crystals at 150 badges.

Event Battles Edit

Each beast, Zhuque, Xuanwu, Baihu, and Qinglong, has solo Normal, Hard, and Very Hard quests at 5, 10, and 15 AP respectively. Completing the quest for the first time awards 50 Crystals. This does not reset between event iterations.

Raid battles for each beast are Extreme difficulty and cost 20 AP to summon. These raids support up to 60 players, higher than the typical 30 in story raids. When joining a beast raid, if the beast is above 50% HP, you will gain 15 stacks of ATK and HP buffs, but it will cost 2 EP to join. If the beast is below 50% HP, you will gain no buffs, but it will only cost 1 EP to join.

There is a Cardinal bonus multiplier of 1.2x for Four Symbols Pendants when defeating Extreme beasts during boosted times. The bonus changes every 2 hours and can be found on the right side of the event screen in JST. The Battle the Beasts banner will display the current bonus beast, and, if you attempt to summon an Extreme beast, there will be a purple symbol over the boosted beast. As of August 2016, all players share the same Cardinal bonuses.


The Cardinal bonus applies when a raid boss is summoned or join. This means if you summon an Extreme+ boss but defeat it after the Cardinal bonus has changed, you will still get the 1.5x multiplier.

On the event main screen, there is a glowing crystal ball. As you defeat beasts, it will shine brighter and brighter. Defeat enough beasts and you can summon a primal. The four primals are Agni, Neptune, Titan, and Zephyrus. These raids drop more Pendants and also have a small chance to drop Premium Draw SR/SSR weapons. The Primal you can summon is based on the current Cardinal Bonus and costs 30 AP to initiate. Primal raids have an initial cost of 5 EP, but grant 50 stacks of ATK/HP buffs. Under 50% HP, the EP cost is reduced to 3 and number of buffs granted drops to 25. Under 25% HP, the EP cost drops to 1 and you will gain no buffs. The Cardinal bonus for Primals is 1.5x.

Nightmare Battles Edit

The Treasure shop sells a Golden Beast Seal Golden Beast Seal for 1 of each beast seal. Beast seals are needed to 4★ uncap the Celestial weapons, and additional copies of each seal will cost 5000 more pendants successively. However, the Golden Beast Seal can be used to summon one of two Nightmare-difficulty bosses, Huanglong or Qilin. These bosses have a regular 30-player cap, but, interestingly, all Weapon Skills and summon auras are ineffective for their battles. You must be rank 80 and have completed chapter 69 to summon Huanglong or Qilin, and you must be rank 50 to join their raids.

Known drops:


TweetDeck Edit

  • Zhuque: Lv60 朱雀
  • Xuanwu: Lv60 玄武
  • Baihu: Lv60 白虎
  • Qinglong: Lv60 青竜
  • Agni: Lv90 アグニス
  • Neptune: Lv90 ネプチューン
  • Titan: Lv90 ティターン
  • Zephyrus: Lv90 ゼピュロス
  • Huanglong: Lv100 黄龍
  • Qilin: Lv100 黒麒麟

Daily Missions Edit

Players have a daily event mission to defeat each Extreme beast 5 times. This includes both summoning your own and assisting others. Completing this mission earns 1 Gold Nugget Gold Nugget. You can earn many Gold Nuggets this way per event.

This mission resets daily at 05:00 JST (13:00 PDT).

Rewards Edit

Four Symbols Pendant Shop Edit

Up to 30,000 Four Symbols Pendants can be collected; obtaining any more over 30,000 will be lost. Specific honor thresholds grant an increasing bonus multiplier on the number of Pendants you receive from the battle. This bonus applies to both the early join bonus and any chests won, and multiplies with the Cardinal bonus. Because Four Symbols Pendants are not honor, the Flohrenberk dagger's skill does nothing during this event.

The Pendant shop is available for a week after the event ends. Unspent Pendants will carry over to the next event, so there is no need to spend them before the shop closes.

Pendant Shop
Gold Nugget Gold Nugget 10,000 (batch 1)
10,000 (batch 2)
10 (batch 1, lifetime)
15 (batch 2, lifetime)
15 (batch 3, lifetime)
Flohrenberk 10,000 1 (lifetime)
Ray of Zhuque 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Xuanwu Mace 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Baihu Claw 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Qinglong Spear 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Zhuque Lyrewings 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Xuanwu Shellfists 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Baihu Fangstaff 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Qinglong Manewhip 30,000 1 (lifetime)
Zhuque Seal Zhuque Seal 15,000 Costs 5000 more each time
Xuanwu Seal Xuanwu Seal 15,000 Costs 5000 more each time
Baihu Seal Baihu Seal 15,000 Costs 5000 more each time
Qinglong Seal Qinglong Seal 15,000 Costs 5000 more each time
SR Weapon Draw Ticket
NOTE: This ticket only draws SR
weapons, it cannot draw SSRs.
5,000 10 (resets each event)
Anemoi Silver Lyre 10,000 4 (lifetime)
Broadsword of Earth 10,000 4 (lifetime)
Septian Burner 10,000 4 (lifetime)
Supreme Merit Supreme Merit
Resets each event
2,500 (batch 1)
5,000 (batch 2)
3 per batch
Champion Merit Champion Merit
Resets each event
500 (batch 1)
1,000 (batch 2)
5 per batch
Fury Stone
Resets each event
1,250 (batch 1)
2,500 (batch 2)
3 per batch
Fury Pebble
Resets each event
500 (batch 1)
1,000 (batch 2)
5 per batch
Rupie x10,000
Resets each event
250 (batch 1)
500 (batch 2)
10 per batch
Half Elixir Half Elixir (2 batches)
Resets each event
150 (batch 1)
300 (batch 2)
20 per batch
Soul Berry Soul Berry (2 batches)
Resets each event
100 (batch 1)
200 (batch 2)
20 per batch
Archangel Queen Archangel item
Resets each event
50 5 of each weapon

Battle Badges Edit

Each beast drops its own badge. Higher difficulty raids have a higher chance of earning badges. Accumulate badges to earn rewards. The rewards for each badge type are the same except where noted. The four Primals drop the same badges as their beast elemental counterparts.

Battle Badge Rewards
50 Four Symbols Pendants 1
2 Soul Berry Soul Berry 3
3000 Rupies 6
50 Four Symbols Pendants 9
1 Half Elixir Half Elixir 12
3 Angel Harps (Zhuque)
3 Angel Brass Knuckles (Xuanwu)
3 Angel Wands (Baihu)
3 Angel Swords (Qinglong)
50 Four Symbols Pendants 18
30 CP 21
3 Flawed Prism Flawed Prisms 24
50 Four Symbols Pendants 27
2 Soul Berry Soul Berry 30
3,000 Rupies 35
50 Four Symbols Pendants 40
3 Angel Harps (Zhuque)
3 Angel Brass Knuckles (Xuanwu)
3 Angel Wands (Baihu)
3 Angel Swords (Qinglong)
1 Champion Merit Champion Merit 50
50 Four Symbols Pendants 55
1 Half Elixir Half Elixir 60
3 Flawless Prism Flawless Prisms 65
50 Four Symbols Pendants 70
3 Angel Harps (Zhuque)
3 Angel Brass Knuckles (Xuanwu)
3 Angel Wands (Baihu)
3 Angel Swords (Qinglong)
3 Flawless Prism Flawless Prisms 80
50 Four Symbols Pendants 85
2 Soul Berry Soul Berry 90
3 Flawless Prism Flawless Prisms 95
Septian Burner (Zhuque)
Broadsword of Earth (Baihu)
Anemoi Silver Lyre (Qinglong)
One of the above (Xuanwu, changes each event)
200 Crystal Crystals 150
2 Rainbow Prism Rainbow Prisms 200

Event History Edit

  • June 23-30, 2016 - first time all 4 beasts were combined into a single event; previously, each element had its own separate event
  • August 8-15, 2016
  • October 7-13, 2016
  • November 9-14, 2016
  • May 10-15, 2017

Guide Edit