The rotating showdowns used to be full-blown events that were only available for a limited time. They are now always available in the Special Quests section, but rotate between each showdown every 3 days.

Ifrit ShopCocytus Shop
Sagittarius ShopVohu Manah Shop
Corow ShopDiablo Shop

The rotation order is:

  1. Ifrit Showdown
  2. Cocytus Showdown
  3. Vohu Manah Showdown
  4. Sagittarius Showdown
  5. Corow Showdown
  6. Diablo Showdown

During 1/2 AP Special Quest events, there may be 2 showdowns available at the same time. The above order is still maintained.

Each showdown has an event shop where event drops can be exchanged. It is always available.

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