Stickers are chat tools that display in the language set in your game client, so Japanese or English. In any chat area, there is a Stickers bubble icon that will display your current sticker set. Your sticker set can be edited from Menu > Settings > Gameplay Settings > Edit Sticker Set.

Standard Stickers Edit

Here are all the stickers that are available to all accounts. Your sticker set can only hold 32 stickers in addition to your 4 most recently used stickers.

Stamp1 Stamp2 Stamp3 Stamp4
Stamp5 Stamp6 Stamp7 Stamp8
Stamp9 Stamp10 Stamp11 Stamp12
Stamp16 Stamp17 Stamp20 Stamp21
Stamp24 Stamp25 Stamp28 Stamp29
Stamp18 Stamp19 Stamp22 Stamp23
Stamp26 Stamp27 Stamp30 Stamp31
Stamp13 Stamp14 Stamp15 Stamp36
Stamp32 Stamp33 Stamp34 Stamp35
Stamp37 Stamp38 Stamp39 Stamp40
Stamp41 Stamp42 Stamp43 Stamp44
Stamp45 Stamp46 Stamp47 Stamp48

Stamp1jp Stamp2jp Stamp3jp Stamp4jp
Stamp5jp Stamp6jp Stamp7jp Stamp8jp
Stamp9jp Stamp10jp Stamp11jp Stamp12jp
Stamp16jp Stamp17jp Stamp20jp Stamp21jp
Stamp24jp Stamp25jp Stamp28jp Stamp29jp
Stamp18jp Stamp19jp Stamp22jp Stamp23jp
Stamp26jp Stamp27jp Stamp30jp Stamp31jp
Stamp13jp Stamp14jp Stamp15jp Stamp36jp
Stamp32jp Stamp33jp Stamp34jp Stamp35jp
Stamp37jp Stamp38jp Stamp39jp Stamp40jp
Stamp41jp Stamp42jp Stamp43 Stamp44jp
Stamp45jp Stamp46jp Stamp47jp Stamp48jp

Promotional Stickers Edit

These are the existing promotional stickers.

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