Following is a list of all Characters obtained through the Story.

Story CharactersEdit

Image Character Name Element Race Type Preferred Weapon Min HP Min ATK Max HP Max ATK Chapter Obtained Voice Actor
SRCatalina Large A Catalina Label Element Water Human Balanced Sabre 220 900 1320 5400 - Miyuki Sawashiro
Rackam Large A Rackam Label Element Fire Human Special Gun 200 1000 1250 6250 Ch. 2 Hiroaki Hirata
Io Large A Io Label Element Water Human Recovery Staff 200 800 1000 4000 Ch. 6 Yukari Tamura
Eugen Large A Eugen Label Element Earth Human Balanced Gun 146 1090 900 6880 Ch. 10 Keiji Fujiwara
Rosetta A Rosetta Label Element Wind Unknown Balanced Dagger 208 960 1040 4800 Ch. 14 Rie Tanaka
Lecia A Lecia Label Element Wind Human Balanced Sabre 210 1050 1050 5250 Ch. 44 Ayako Kawasumi

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