True Fire AnimaTrue Water AnimaTrue Earth Anima
True Wind AnimaTrue Light AnimaTrue Dark Anima

There is one True Anima for each of the 6 elements: fire, water, earth, wind, light, and dark.

Usage Edit

True Animas are primarily needed to craft an item to summon Proto Bahamut. They are also necessary for advanced weapon crafting.

Buy 1 Dawn Anima Dawn Anima from the Treasure shopTrue Fire Anima True Fire Anima
True Wind Anima True Wind Anima
True Light Anima True Light Anima
Buy 1 Dusk Anima Dusk Anima from the Treasure shopTrue Water Anima True Water Anima
True Earth Anima True Earth Anima
True Dark Anima True Dark Anima
Buy 1 Star Sand Scoop Star Sand Scoop from the Treasure shopDawn Anima Dawn Anima
Dusk Anima Dusk Anima
Change Revenant Weapon element3
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 2)3
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 4)3
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 6)3 of each element

Obtain Edit

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