Valtz Duchy Large

An industrialized island where Draphs make their living. Seething flames surge beneath the rust-colored earth.

Valtz Duchy is the location for chapters 5-8 of the main quest.

Locations Edit

Sarwa Desert Edit

Location Sarwa Desert

Barren earth that covers the island. The cruel environment does not yield even the smallest of mercies..
  • (Main Quests) Chapter 5: Island of Lanterns (5 AP)
  • (Free Quests)
    • A Traveling Merchant (8 AP)
    • Monsters and Robbers (8 AP)
    • Left Behind (9 AP)
    • Valtz Annual Festival (21 AP, Draph Characters Only)

Arsenal, Abandoned Mine Edit

Location Arsenal Abandoned Mine

An early mine. Presently it's being used for suspicious purposes.
  • (Main Quests) Chapter 6: The Veil of Lifted (10 AP)
    • Io joins you after completing chapter 6.
  • (Free Quests)
    • Desert Monster Contest (9 AP)
    • Vyrn's Vexation (10 AP)
    • The Little Things (10 AP)
    • Lucky Charm Hunt (20 AP, Rarity SR Characters Only)
  • (Raids)

Lake Zairic Edit

Location Lake Zairic

An everlasting lake of lava. Below it slumbers a scorching heat that melts solid stone.
  • (Main Quests) Chapter 7: The Empire's Intent (11 AP)
  • (Free Quests)
    • Factory Mix-Up (11 AP)
    • Treasure Hunt (12 AP)
    • Missing Son (13 AP)

Kushathra Works, Underground Factory Edit

Location Kushathra Works Underground Factory

A workshop that has endured since ancient times. It bears the name of the founder of Valtz.

Rare Monsters Edit

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