Label Rarity SR Icon16Light White Rabbit
White rabbit
Level 1Level 100Level 150
HP 61 386 ??
ATK 155 965 ??

See Enemy

Base 10% boost to drop rates and EXP
Max Limit Break 15% boost to drop rates and EXP
Final Limit Break {{{aura3}}}
Call - Good-Luck Hop
Max Limit Break
Final Limit Break

Final Uncap Materials

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?? [[File:{{{flb2}}}.jpg|25px|link={{{flb2}}}]] [[{{{flb2}}}|{{{flb2}}}]]
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Rupie cost: -


Enemy Edit

White Rabbit (enemy)

Label Element Light

White rabbit icon(Gold chest)

Happiness Carrot Happiness Carrot (silver chest)

Quest Locations

  • Amalthea Island
    • Chapter 29/42 Free Quests
      • Sharp Ears (Battle 1) - 21 AP, Erune Only
  • Fall of the Dragon
    • Chapter 3: Light, Shine! Shadow, Creep!
      • Episode 1 (Battle 1) - 9 AP
    • Chapter 4: Awakening
      • Episode 2 (Battle 2) - 11 AP
    • Chapter 5: To Medvecia Castle
      • Episode 2 (Battle 1) - 13 AP

Notes Edit

  • The White Rabbit enemy is a rare monster, so it is affected by Belle Sylphid's aura.
  • As of September 15, 2016, White Rabbit no longer spawns in uncleared quests, so the old strategy of abusing retreating from uncleared quests for an AP cannot be used. Instead, it can now drop silver chests with Happiness Carrot Happiness Carrots, which can be traded for a one White Rabbit summon from the shop.

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